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A Freelancer Speaks...

I have been working for your company for over 3 months now and I can say that it's been a pleasure to work with your staff. Even though this is not my primary job, the extra money that I managed to get through this job helped me cover my tuition bills and more. Plus it was quite interesting and at times helped me with my studies when I did assignments from my field...
  ~Aruna, Decatur, GA, USA


Most projects we receive fall under one of the following categories: College and University research papers, term papers, essays, book reports, article reviews, critiques, dissertations, movie reviews, grant proposals, accounting and finance projects, etc. The fields of study include but are not limited to History, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Literature, Technology, Psychology, Business, Marketing, etc.

Work flow

We host a powerful network that allows to process dozens of projects every day. We have many freelance writers and researchers connected to the network. Whenever a new project comes in, it gets posted on the board automatically so all writers can come and view the description. Any given project can be taken by any of our members; whoever comes first gets the job. Every project has a due date and a set of instructions. The details can be examined prior to undertaking the work, so it is completely up to you what project to sign up for. The projects that have been taken by other writers are no longer accessible and can no longer be seen on the board.

Personal account

If your application is accepted, you will receive a personal account hosted on our network. You will be able to login to your personal account to monitor all current projects, undertake any new projects, view history of completed projects, etc.


Every project has a stipulated deadline initially selected by the client. It is natural that some projects may take longer to complete, and not every client always makes a right guess while setting the deadline for the project. For that reason, it is highly recommended that you try to negotiate a time extension directly with the client using our messaging system. However, if the new deadline is not confirmed by the client or by the administration, the project needs to be delivered by the original deadline. Failure to comply with the delivery terms may result in a refund or a fine imposed on your account. The key to success is diligence and dedication. The client should always be informed of any unexpected holdups.


Every project pays a specified fee. The fee can be increased while the project remains on the board untaken. Once you sign up for a project, you agree to complete it in accordance with the current terms meaning that you will get the listed fee. You will receive your pay regularly (monthly or bi-weekly), depending on your performance and the individually set-up agreement between you and the management. We use various modes of payment and will most likely be able to cater to your specific needs.